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In the case of many young people, and not so young, we have the big problem that companies do not give us the opportunity to demonstrate what we know how to do, and we are a generation that is very informed, knows how to do many things but in a personal capacity . Such knowledge does not allow you to access a job, but this platform helps you to achieve that knowledge. You know how to do it, and here you show it. That is a very positive thing and I think it is the most valuable thing.Ire Gon, Psychologist

Comunitats solves one of the most important functionality barriers in a time bank, allowing you to exchange time and services with any user without having to barter directly.Daniel Martín, Entrepreneur

Comunitats can be the virtual meeting place of the entrepreneurs of the region, a place where to take advantage of the individual knowledge and experience in favor of collective knowledge and experience.
As strengths, it offers the possibility to meet new entrepreneurs who are difficult to access by traditional channels and allows to have the map of knowledge and needs of the collective.Montse Torices, Area of ​​Entrepreneurs of ADE

A Time Bank helps students grow personally, giving them the opportunity to get to know themselves and their peers, improving their social skills, increasing their self-esteem, teaching them to ask for help, since the main value of the time bank is their own People that compose it.Joaquín Díez; Professor at La Salle