Time and Improvement

Exchange time and improvement

  • Your employability

Comunitats Time Bank is a new collaborative platform for knowledge sharing for personal and professional development.

  • Get ready for your interview¬†of work

Review your CV with a human resources professional and interview with a coach

  • Learn new knowledge

You receive language classes , catch up with the new trends and tools of your profession, learn new skills to reorientate yourself …

Exchange hours: 467
Number of exchanges: 279
Number of submissions: 3,293

What is a time bank?

Time banks are a collaborative system of collaboration that facilitates the creation of a market of offers and demands for knowledge and / or services and that use “time” as a currency of exchange. The time credits are obtained by helping others, for example, if you teach Marta to blog for an hour, she will give you a 60-minute time transfer that you can use to ask for help when you want and when you want. That easy!