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Project to help those who can not pay with paper money to be able to develop their needs in exchange for time. Read more


Project to help those who can not pay with paper money to be able to develop their needs in exchange for time. Read more

Create toys with technological waste. Read more

Alicante company of time management and services for entrepreneurs and individuals, formed by a group of competent and efficient professionals, with extensive technical knowledge and a long professional career. We offer you a wide range of services and the highest quality, backed by a team that is characterized by its cordial treatment and spirit of service. We manage and solve your outstanding, urgent and important tasks. We help to perform all your personal and daily tasks, which you do not like or … Read more

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Technical Blog

Creation and evolution of an application that will be my blog with technical articles focused on programming my professional and personal field. Read more

Python web development blog


Shake it!

Encouraging the young Catalans to believe in their abilities, to undertake to better their community and their world Read more

On April 25, the Unreasonable at Sea boat arrives with 11 start ups with social impact, 40 mentors and 600 students. They have gone around the world in 13 countries and Barcelona is their last stage and their only stage in Europe. Read more

The next April 3, we organized the TEDxBarcelonaChange on the theme of global health and development. Read more

My intention is to create a processing plant for granulated forages and biomass pellets. The forages could be alfalfa, veza, various pastures, dry and granulated, for further commercialization. In the area there are good forest spots where you could obtain the raw material for biomass. Read more

This business is aimed at the therapies and personal growth sector. Aula de Vida is a platform for the dissemination and management of online courses, where professionals from the personal growth sector and alternative therapies can offer their training and knowledge to the Spanish-speaking world. Read more

Alternative Therapies , Personal Growth , Spirituality , Natural Therapies , Education , Alternative Education



Parada13 we are a Cultural Association with space of encounter open to the collective creation continuous in the stop of the Train Feve in Pedrún de Torío. Dedicated to the transformation of time into Art and shared the harmony of connecting with the rhythm of nature. Organizing the weekends performances, Jam Session, filandón … Stand and Enjoy. Read more

Percussion , art , permaculture , train , integral cooperative

Initiation to the ecological cultivation of vegetables in our workplace.